Visual Recording

Whether graphic recording is done as visual charts on paper or digitally, or the very popular "whiteboard" videos, it is a powerful tool to bring life and colour to the spoken words. It is true that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. People remember images better than just words delivered verbally or in print, because most of us have a visual learning preference. Graphic recording increases participants’ attention and retention. Pictures and images, combined with text, make ideas clearer and more real; they help participants to connect the dots; they get everyone on the same page; they can see the bigger picture; they help people “see their thoughts”, clarify ideas and thereby communicate better and make better decisions.

Integrating graphics and text, we provide graphic recording services in different settings:

  • conferences for keynote speakers or presenters
  • planning or project meetings
  • brainstorming sessions
  • planning, visioning or leadership retreats
  • dialogue groups or focus groups
  • open space or world café settings
  • public consultations or multi-stakeholder engagements

Visual recording can be provided live (in real time) on approximately 4’x6-8’ charts in colour, or in sketchnoting format (primarily in black and white on page size paper). Post-production services can also be provided to convert the colour charts into digital images for reporting and sharing purposes. Custom templates, worksheets and visual reports can be created to complement facilitated workshops or meetings.

As a Visual Facilitator, I try to incorporate as much graphics and visuals as possible into my facilitation work. Check out some of my samples of work under the Portfolio area at the bottom right of the Home screen.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Videos are a very popular and powerful way to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. Whiteboard videos are often used for promotional, information sharing and/or educational purposes. Every video is custom designed, graphics are digitally hand drawn to suit and storyboarded to ensure the flow and content are well matched.

To find out more about the process for custom, hand drawn "whiteboard" videos, contact Rosanna.

To see some sample videos, go to the Portfolio section on the lower right corner on the home page of this website, or follow me on my Youtube channel under rosanna_acf.