Our Approach

We are passionate about our work and set a high standard for ourselves. We believe in continuing growth, development, collaboration and participatory processes, where engagement and empowerment, sharing our stories and creativity, are keys to success. We work with clients that have high standards and are ready to reflect deeply and authentically, shift and transform for great results.
Our values and principles in simpler forms are:

What can I do for you?

We are in service of you. We ask our clients and ourselves, "What can I do for you?", "How may I help you?" This is with the deep intention of serving our clients, the groups and individuals that we work with.

Make a Difference

Everything we say and do reflect on who we are and our reputation. With that in mind, everything we do in our work is intended to make a positive difference in someone's life, a difference in our client's world and work. The difference can be big or small, sometimes we don't even know the impacts until they are shared with us.

Tell the Truth

Transparency is important to us. As difficult as it may be at times, telling the truth and being up front respectfully, with good intention, and without putting anyone down, has always served us well. However, this cannot happen without healthy, strong, valued and meaningful relationships. Therefore, building and enhancing relationships is always one of our goals. This is something that you can count on from us.

Make it Real

In the training or facilitation services that we offer, we don't just give you theories and ideals, these are merely jumping off points. We will help to move you from theory to practice, to real world scenarios and applications at your pace.

Know and Grow Yourself

We all have history and experiences (some might call it "baggage") that may cloud our perceptions and judgments. These tend to get in the way of our own successes. We remind and allow ourselves, and we invite our clients to really look deep to know themselves, to pause, reflect and identify the experiences that may be dragging us down and "check them", so new learning and creativity can emerge. Development and growth come after knowing your own strengths, triggers and barriers.

Err on the Side of Kindness

We are humans, we make mistakes too, and we learn from them so the same mistakes don't happen again. Learning is a life long journey for all of us, not just in a classroom or board room, but in life experiences. Let's be kind!

Breathe and Loosen Up

Even though we are adults, we still like having fun, laughing and playing. As much as possible, we invite our clients to be open, to be playful with purposeful designed activities, laugh together and make our work even more enjoyable. We don't have to take ourselves so seriously all the time. Give yourself permission to loosen up and have fun while learning at the same time!!