Whiteboard Videos

There are different names for this type of popular, hand drawn videos - Whiteboard Videos, Scribe Videos, etc. Some examples are posted here.


Video on Lithium-ion Battery Failure Analysis



Video on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills Group

This is a video I created for the Victoria Division of Family Practice on its CBT Skills Group Orientation


Video on Legacy Leadership

Here is a video I created for Limitless Leadership International on Legacy Leadership


Videos on Virtual Meetings

Part One is about the Pros and Cons of Virtual Meetings and Part Two is about Tips to Increase Effectiveness for your Virtual Meetings. Check it out, like it or comment on it.




Visual Recording

The examples here are digital images of colour charts recorded live during a session (i.e. in real time). It is a very organic process, done on large charts that are 42-48″ (H) x 6′ to 8′ (L) in size. There are also examples of custom charts and posters, created in-studio. Depending on the client, a post-production clean up process is often applied to these charts so the white background does not show up in a darker grey or blue tone due to uneven lighting when the photo was taken.

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Digital Visual Recording using iPad

Examples of Visual Recording done on iPad Pro. See more examples under Live Visual Recording.

In Studio Custom Work

Examples of Strategic Planning Visual Summary after multi-day workshops.


Post-Meeting in-studio drawing, using iPad-pro and the meeting notes provided by the facilitator and feedback from the project sponsor, STEM UBC Okanagan.


Live Visual Recording

Live recording for 2021 International Association of Facilitator's (IAF) Global Facilitation Summit.

The seven separators of great facilitation, presented by Michael Wilkinson

The Beginner's Mindset, presented by Leo Chan and Autumn Norris


Facilitated P.A.T.H. on paper. Some content blurred out for privacy reason.


Graphic Recording for the SFU Outstanding Alumni Awards Event using chart paper and markers. The party was crashed by our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who showed up surprising his mother, Margaret Trudeau, who was one of the awards recipients. Congratulations to all the awards honorees. No post-production clean up.


Visual Recording at UBC using chart paper and markers, one of the topics, Revitalizing Conoeing in the Musqueam Community, in Critical Conversations through a World Cafe. No post-production clean up.


Live Visual Recording of Chief Clarence Louie's keynote speech from the Osoyoos Band at the Seyem' Qwantlen Business Group Economic Development Workshops, using chart paper and markers.

Outcomes from a Visually Facilitated Discussion during a community forum, Seyem' Qwantlen Business Group Economic Development Workshop




In Studio Work - Custom Designed Templates

Custom designed templates, used as a facilitation tool and/or as worksheets in meetings or workshops.


Visual Coaching

Digital images of coaching sessions using page size paper for ease of scanning and re-production as jpg or pdf. The visual record serves as a reminder for the coachee and summarizes the coaching sessions. Personal references of the coaching clients have been obscured to honor the confidentiality and privacy.

This coaching client said, "I appreciate the tactical actions that I can put in place to make a difference with issues that I am struggling with in my day to day work.  The visual representation is a great reminder that will help to keep me accountable for these actions.  The coaching session was well timed after "the Skillful Facilitator" course as it gave me the opportunity to apply the course theory and reflect on my performance."

This coaching client said, "You’ve provided me the ability to self reflect on challenges I faced in the classroom and help me discover ways to work towards a positive outcome.  I found the session extremely helpful and am excited to apply the concepts discussed during upcoming training sessions."

Sketchnoting / Visual Journaling

Digital images of sketch notes / visual stoires or journals using page size paper, primarily in black and white. Max. size 9″x12″ for ease of scanning and re-production as jpg or pdf.

Sketchnotes from my participation in "Dare To Lead" training based on Brene Brown's work.



Volunteer work in Kenya, AFRICA 2015


Volunteer work in Bagad, Udaipur, INDIA 2014


Volunteer work in the Amazon (Mondana) and Chimborazo (San Miguel), Ecuador, 2013


BC Okanagan Winery Tour 2012