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Community Engagement and Strategic Visioning - B. Fernie, Director, Seyem Qwantlen Business Group

"I’m always amazed by the way Rosanna was able to paraphrase, stick to the facts as well as artistically put thoughts down on paper.  The visual facilitation and visiual charts were immensely helpful and will continue to be a reminder as we move forward and follow up on ideas and thoughts brought forward by our community members at our sessions."

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement - P. Quinn, P.Eng., BGC Engineering

"Rosanna provided professional advice and assistance in the preparation, planning, implementation and documentation of multi-stakeholder consultations in support of a complex landslide risk assessment project in British Columbia, Canada.  Her work involved the development of customized questionnaires to gauge stakeholder understanding of the landslide problem, and subsequent planning and execution of a full day consultation workshop.  Workshop design took the questionnaire input into account.  Interested parties included private industry (railways), federal, provincial and municipal government organizations, First Nations groups at various levels, and local residents as represented by a ranchers’ association.  The workshop involved several different activities, each designed to build trust among the different stakeholder groups and to harvest varied input from different perspectives about the landslide risk issues.  Rosanna planned and led these activities, effectively managing the group dynamics to encourage constructive and productive contributions.  The workshop activities and outcomes were documented effectively in a written report that captured the important outcomes.

As project manager for the risk assessment project, Rosanna advised me directly on stakeholder consultation matters.  I found her advice to be valuable and insightful.  I felt she did an excellent job planning, leading and documenting the workshop, and I received several compliments about the workshop she led from the client group and various stakeholder participants.  I am happy to recommend Rosanna for facilitation of complex projects involving diverse stakeholder perspectives, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again."

Operational Review and Debriefing – J. Brolund, Deputy Fire Chief, Central Okanagan Regional Emergency Program

"Rosanna’s facilitation was a breath of fresh air for our group. Many participants were weary of the event and really did not want to talk about it any further. However, almost immediately, Rosanna’s style and methods of engagement took over and the end result was very well received. With a very limited timeframe, she facilitated an interesting and rewarding process, as evidenced by some of the comments from the group:

.. informative, .. collaborative, .. clarifying, .. structured, .. educational, .. challenging, .. fact finding, .. good exchange, .. focused, .. interesting, .. encouraging, .. visionary, .. energizing, .. validating, .. felt heard, .. catalyst"


Facilitation and Consulting Clients


K. Angel - Surrey Foundation

Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!! You really projected the power of the conversations and dialogue today in such a wonderful and captivating way!!

B. Fernie - Director, Seyem Qwantlen Business Group

The visual facilitation and visiual charts were immensely helpful and will continue to be as we move forward and follow up on ideas and thoughts brought forward by our community members at our sessions.

Visual Recording Clients


Facilitation Training - C. Finney, Associate Professor, Infectious Disease Immunology, University of Calgary

"I took the facilitator’s workshop not quite knowing what I was letting myself in for, and to my very pleasant surprise, it has proved invaluable in a number of situations since. Rosanna is an excellent teacher, patient and full of resources and practical advice. Since taking the workshop, I have facilitated a number of sessions with great success. I was surprised at how well my colleagues responded and how much work was achieved using what I learnt in Rosanna’s sessions. Thank you again Rosanna. I look forward to taking other courses you offer!"

Emergency Management Training - Myles Bruns, BC Min. of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training

"You were one of the best instructors I've had with these EMBC courses to date."

Instructional Clients

Rosanna as a VISUAL COACH

Wendy B., University of Calgary

"I was already convinced of the power of visual summaries and tools after seeing you in action in the training courses.  This made me even more excited to get my very own personalized coaching session + visual summary!  I had never been coached before, but within the first few minutes of our coaching session, I realized how skillful you are as a coach and facilitator--you immediately provided context and asked targeted questions that put me at ease.  You did not try to make me "fit into" a pre-determined box, and this helped me feel more empowered to discuss the issues of greatest importance to me.  I also realized I'd been craving this type of session: a chance to have a guided conversation to work through my thoughts with an expert whose skills would help me solve my own problems.  I could almost see the fog in my mind being lifted!  Seeing the visual summary shortly thereafter, I felt it captured the "dissection" of my problems from our coaching session so well.  I am planning to print it out and post it near my desk to remind me of the clarity I gained, to help me stay focused on my personal goals while navigating the tangle of issues that arise when working with others.

I was inspired by the visual component you brought.  It made me look at my own doodles in the margins of my notebooks in new ways, seeing them as a possible tool I'd never tried to tap into to facilitate communication or learning.  I have done this much of my life (e.g. when packing for a trip, I'd sketch cartoons of the clothes I wanted to take instead of listing words alone), to the point where those close to me would occasionally exploit it (e.g. my mom makes me create labels for all the boxes in her house, with little pictures of the box's contents next to the words on the labels).  Seeing you create visual summaries as a tool for others to see in the training (and not just keeping them to yourself in your own margins) made me realize these pictures could be a valuable way to share ideas with others--quickly, effectively, and creatively--and promote deeper learning."


"Rosanna helped me to verbalize my current strengths, my long range goal for a career change and the fuzzy thinking I had already put into how to reach that goal.  Her insightful questions helped to bring clarity for a path to my goal as well as expanding the breadth of opportunities that I can look into immediately.  I came away from the coaching session with 2 near term goals and a timeline of tasks for my next steps to reach those goals.  The tasks were shaped in such a way to keep me accountable to myself for achieving those goals.  I was impressed and would highly recommend her as a coach to my friends and colleagues."

T. Chen, Wellness Coach

"If you’re ever wondering why certain things aren’t working out as you want them to or having an itch to make a change, but are not sure how or where to start, sign up for Shift-it with Rosanna. The journey will blow you out of the water and you’ll thank yourself for it! With Rosanna’s loving support and guidance, I experienced revelation, after revelation.

Admittedly, some were painful and involved many tears. But other moments brought profound clarity and were celebrated with laughs! I learned so much about myself, my fears (justified and irrational), my stories (passed down and made-up), where I’m coming from and where I want to go.

Rosanna is the coach you want. She’ll create a safe space for you to explore, play and dig deep to find your way, with the help of visual maps that look at your whole life and transforms the areas you want to change.

As a trained CTI coach, I can’t emphasize enough the value of Shift-It’s visual maps. Unlike traditional coaching, where clients take their own notes or record the call, Rosanna’s immense talent captured my revelations on paper. Having my own words mirrored back to me was soooo profound. Literally, I was presented with ‘the bigger picture’ after every session. Create a binder and you’ll see yourself shifting and growing, right in front of your own eyes. I can’t recommend Rosanna enough, as your guide to the journey of meeting your higher self and breaking through barriers holding you back from a big fulfilled life!"

Coaching Clients