Facilitation and Leadership Development - By Design

No matter what business you are in or how advanced the technology you use in your organization, the most important assets are still your people. Without the people that design or use them, machines and tools are just that. That is why Advanced Consulting and Facilitation Ltd. values and believes in building relationships and developing the people in organizations and communities. Our facilitation and leadership development services center around that notion, growing our clients’ people into leaders, shifting the organizations’ culture and practices, moving towards common goals, interests and outcomes, and co-creating possibilities.

We are still cautious with travelling due to Covid. Please call to explore whether in-person or virtual facilitation services would meet your needs best.



In partnership with our clients, we design and facilitate workshops, training and meetings for groups, organizations and communities of various sizes. We specialize in:

  • Leadership development
  • FIRO-B Assessment
  • Issues resolution
  • Courageous (Difficult) conversations
  • Multi-stakeholder and/or public consultation and engagement
  • Transformational meetings
  • Participatory / group decision-making
  • Strategic visioning and clarity
  • Action planning
  • Operations review / debriefing
  • Experiential learning
  • Team / capacity building
  • P.A.T.H. for individuals or training for facilitators

Bring us in-house, with many years of instructional design and adult education experience, we can custom design interactive and engaging learning, retreats and workshops to suit your needs.

With emphasis on engagement, strategy, insight and collaboration, Rosanna's many years as a strategic facilitator and visual communicator offers clients highly effective meeting design. Contact Rosanna directly to explore working together and possibilities.