I'm passionate about developing people and organizations. Through my work, I help individuals, teams and groups grow, Connect, Change and Celebrate their successes and moving forward with purpose, clarity and action. Integrity and authenticity are two key principles in both my professional and personal lives. I help my clients find possibilities, see different perspectives, shift and change, and embrace every bit of success along the way.

Rosanna von Sacken

I am the President and founder of my management consulting company. I have been working with groups, organizations and communities in the public, private and non-profit sectors for over 20 years.

Certified as a Professional Facilitator (CPF) through the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), my primary work is group process and facilitation, which compliments wonderfully with my coaching and consulting work. I am also a visual thinker and communicator, incorporating graphics into my work where I can. I bring with me an energetic, authentic and interactive approach to my work, whether it is leadership development, strategic visioning, issues resolution, action planning or multi-stakeholder engagement, personal coaching or consulting.

I am a FIRO-Element B Certified Practitioner. FIRO Element B is a powerful instrument that can help clients learn about and better understand our own and others' behaviours based on what we do and get in the areas of Inclusion, Control and Openness. Better understanding of this human dynamics can be part of your own leadership, team and/or personal growth and development.

Custom Design Interactive Processes

I work with my clients to custom design interactive processes to engage the participants, empowering them to co-create solutions, to tap into their collective wisdom, experiences and knowledge, and gain commitment and agreement for future actions. This is with my whole hearted belief that everyone is and can be resourceful and creative. I bring the same purpose, passion and possibilities to my visual coaching work, helping courageous individuals that are ready to transform their lives.

Visual Facilitation and Recording

I use my graphic skills whenever I can into my work, bringing life and colours to the spoken words with hand drawn images and text to represent and summarize key points at presentations or meetings. On a more personal level, I offer visual coaching whether you are an executive looking for career or corporate coaching, an entrepreneur at a crossroads needing some clarity, or someone looking for better home-work life balance. I encourage my clients to use visuals, as the majority of people are visual learners. I can custom create whiteboard videos using hand drawn drawings to help promote, educate or share your information and key messages.

Emergency Management Consulting

In the emergency management field, I  bring 20+ years of experience. As a subject matter expert and consultant, certified in Emergency Management and in Exercise Design, I provide guidance, expertise and insight for many facets of emergency management, such as emergency plan review and development, design and facilitation of customized training and discussion / function based exercises, in-person “just in time” assistance and coaching in Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs) and Emergency Social Services (ESS) operations during real event response or recovery.

Facilitative Instruction, Training and Adult Education

I am a seasoned facilitative adult educator. I have been providing in-person training / instructions in EOC operations, emergency and crisis communication, exercise design and conduct as an associate instructor for the Justice Institute of B.C. I am also a proud Associate of Masterful Facilitation Institute and Odyssey Leadership Centre, which offer in-person and virtual facilitation training programs respectively.

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