How Effective are your Meetings?

Have you experienced meetings where participants (or you yourself) …

  • Showed lack of interest?
  • Were constantly checking their mobile devices?
  • Were distracted with or doing other work?
  • Were not paying attention to the topics being discussed?
  • Did not feel compelled to contribute?
  • Felt that decisions were already made, so why bothered?
  • Felt that the meeting was a waste of time?


These are common sentiments in many meetings that people participate in. If meetings are not effective, complacency and apathy can spread and might become a cultural norm in an organization, and THAT does not make a healthy organization.


Being clear about the purpose, scope and outcomes, and having a great design and processes for your meetings are key. As a Certified Professional Facilitator, I can help you overcome symptoms such as those above and re-generate energy and sparks in your meetings and workshops.