Having Troubles with Negative Group Dynamics in your Meetings?

In a recently delivered the Skillful Facilitator course - Strategies for Meeting Dynamics / Group Dysfunction, here is what some of our participants said ...

"...it struck right to the heart of group dynamics and the scariest part of facilitation ... I've got some explicit techniques to apply to my work"

"... I would highly recommend this course, it was well paced with good practical information, real life examples and opportunities to practice in a safe way and it was fun"

If you are a facilitator, an instructor or the chair of meetings, you may recognize some of the following common dysfunctional behaviours, where someone is:

  • dominating a conversation
  • distracted on their smart phones
  • doing other work
  • being quiet, not participating or contributing
  • putting down others' ideas

You know what I'm talking about! How have you dealt with them in the past? This course will help you better manage emerging dynamics and better still, it will help you prepare for and prevent most potential dysfunction; this course will offer you some strategies that you can use right away and learn more about yourself regarding possible sources that cause you anxiety when negative dynamics or conflicts occur.

If you can gather enough participants, you can bring us in-house. Contact Rosanna for more information.